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Let's make the conversion to a more sustainable mobility together

We are very proud to partake in the mission through our new Foundation to help out with the difficult tasks by contributing funds to projects that:

  • can start with ease and fair distribution to companies with future solutions

  • can use the international network of experts connected by Smarter Mobility

  • can continue in a realistic way in collaboration with other financiers


The climate agenda is very urgent and influencing almost every walk of life. In that perspective the mobility question is unfolding to be one of the largest issues.

The team behind Smarter Mobility, with more and more experience from experts around Europe, saw that that the sense of urgency was not supported by the bureaucracy and difficulties in funding projects. Very often money was sent through known channels which sometimes does not contribute to future solutions innovated in SMEs and startups. Risk capital is not applicable when dealing with projects.


Projects often look promising as a start and produce interesting results, but occasionally they fall flat because the future realization of the product, service or concept is not addressed. Including how the “next step financing” is taken care of.

The purpose of this foundation is to support companies and individuals who work for a circular and fossil-free mobility of goods and people, through research, education and projects.

 The foundation’s mission will comply with Smarter Mobility’s focus areas:

  • e-mobility - Electrifying the fleet, finding new methods

  • Mobility Systems - Mobility actors and logistics solutions

  • Mobility Tech - ADAS, AD, ICT with a focus on Human Machine Interface


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Mats Lindblad
Chairman of the board

Mats Lindblad is the CEO and Founder of Smarter Mobility AB as well as the Co-Founder and Owner of DIPP-R AB. He is an entrepreneur and a leader with great experience within Automotive and Mobility in both Sweden and Germany. Mats Lindblad has +30 years of experience from leading positions, including CEO and Senior Vice President. Additionally, he has +25 years of experience from developing Science Parks and Innovation Sites.


We are very proud to have an advisory board of four people with expertise within our focus areas: Logistics, E-mobility, Mobility Technology & Mobility Systems.


Anna Bjelm


Anna Bjelm has +25 years of experience in the total Supply Chain. She has improved several very different companies by improving and digitalizing the Supply Chain. Additionally, she has been working with change management and implemented World Class manufacturing as top manager. In her latest capacity as Interim Supply Chain Manager at Oatly, she was instrumental in the deployment of the world’s first battery electric Heavy Commercial Vehicle line haul. Anna Bjelm has also been engaged in many other large companies, such as Tetra Pak, Dole and Diab.


Cooperation with other foundations, companies and individuals is crucial for our ability to contribute to a positive development in sustainable mobility. We offer excellent ways to cooperate with us that focuses on:

  • contributing to our undertaking regularly or in special projects

  • exposure within our focus areas

  • opportunity to follow and take part in our ongoing projects 

Please contact us to discuss how we can find a mutually beneficial cooperation.


We are currently involved in six different sub-projects where the foundation provides support and financing.

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Sustainable test arena for the future mobility - Ring Knutstorp

Ring Knutstorp has a long tradition of being a leader within driver training for increased safety and experience of driving on the track. For 13 years, Ring Knutstorp has worked systematically to develop the sustainability on the track and are now embarking on the next step to become a test arena for future mobility of goods and people. This includes special training intended for drivers of electric vehicles and monitoring drivers behaviour when they are exposed to new technology, such as ADAS. In this project, the foundation will support the development of a sustainable test arena for future mobility.

Development of future technologies to deal with secondary effects of new technologies, in particular driver assistance (ADAS) - iAMP

In modern cars, with self-driving as a vision, new technology has already been developed that, for example, stops a car before the driver reacts when something blocks the road. It has for long been known that passengers who are unaware of an impending collision receive worse injuries, including whiplash, than the driver who manages to tense certain muscles.


The company I-AMP, with two professors from Karolinska who are experts in cellular muscle physiology and structural mechanics, has developed a technology that is based on an audio stimulation of muscles with very specific results, including prevention of whiplash or that the driver’s attention is turned in a certain direction. This project will be developed, implemented and launched on the market.

Image by Nenad Ličanin
Image by Sander Yigin

Smarter deliveries of e-commerce goods - DiPP-R

The last part of the supply chain for e-commerce is called last-mile delivery and is a recognized problem area which is complex, costly and contributes to a lot of traffic in the cities. DiPP-R is a company that is developing last-mile delivery by establishing a completely new delivery system for e-commerce goods into cities. Studies together with cities, universities and carriers show great opportunities that DiPP-R last-mile delivery system can:

  • Reduce the cost per delivered package by up to 70%

  • Reduce transport associated with e-commerce goods by 80%

  • Create conditions for a larger recruitment pool of drivers who also have a better gender distribution because heavy lifting is eliminated

  • Reduce the transport of recyclable packaging material out of the cities by heavy vehicles

  • Create a better integration between sustainable electricity production and electric vehicles

Through grants from the foundation, this will be further developed and launched on the market.

Creation of the future sustainable mobility hub for the IDEON/Brunnshög area in Lund

Many companies and individuals no longer consider it necessary to own a car to make trips and run errands. However, people want access to mobility and are increasingly interested in borrowing, renting, sharing or using other transport alternatives such as bicycles, electric scooters, electric cars, public transport, etc. Depending on the type of trip, a combination of different transport solutions are required, which makes a hub with these available alternatives more important.

Many property owners are beginning to consider creating a mobility hub connected to their properties that can be financed by the fact that it is now possible to negotiate a reduction in the parking norm for a house. This saves the property owner SEK 200-500,000 per parking space. At the same time, each area must be reviewed carefully to plan for the combination of vehicles so that congestion does not increase and to make sure that healthy walks and bike rides increase. This project is of great national interest and will be implemented in 2021/2022.

Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Precious Madubuike

The future ecosystem for a sustainable charging infrastructure

During the first half of 2021, the proportion of rechargeable cars in Sweden accounted for over 40% of all new car registrations. This is a drastic increase from the same period the year before, when this figure only amounted to 26%. As the proportion of rechargeable cars in traffic increases sharply, there is also a growing need for a well-functioning charging infrastructure that meets this development. But at the same time, the electricity companies are already today facing major difficulties in meeting the existing power requirements. Achieving a sustainable ecosystem for the future charging infrastructure is therefore a major challenge that will require cooperation between several different actors in the supply chain. Through grants from the foundation, the gradual development of such an ecosystem will take place.

Improve the performance of electric machines - capcooltech®

Image by Federico Beccari

If you are interested and want to know more about any of the sub-projects, please contact us.



Thank you for your message!

Bavarian-based dynamic E flow GmbH is a high-tech start-up company with highly innovative know-how and expertise in the field of electromobility. Based on their experience gained in years of basic research and development, they have come up with an innovative and versatile technology (capcooltech®) for electric machines.


The capcooltech® technology enables current and power densities to be achieved that were previously unattainable. In addition, every heat and temperature in the machine can be controlled and dissipated in a targeted and dynamic manner every second. The advantages of the applications are compactness, accuracy, dynamics and


Objective of the project is to implement the capcooltech® in a commercial application within public transportatioin and/or goods transportation in urban envronments.

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